First and foremost, it is important to do a complete financial analysis to determine what resources you have available to produce income, what your income needs are, along with what rate of return you require to meet your goals and objectives.  Through a proper analysis and incorporating risk, as well as being realistic on return requirement management, you can safe guard your plan to ensure that you are financially successful in retirement. With many different areas to address, this requires a long-term outlook.
Retirement can be a stressful decision as it may come with uncertainty and change that you feel unprepared for. We recommend developing a five-year plan in pre-retirement to help you achieve clarity around your goals in all areas. We will facilitate discussions around your financial, personal, and emotional decisions while including goal planning exercises to assist in the process. This transition can be facilitated by the assurance that your plan is in order and being executed according to your wishes. A well-constructed, implemented and monitored plan will provide you with security and peace of mind knowing you are making well informed decisions.
Vince began working in the financial planning industry in 1986. Through ongoing education he has obtained the designations of Certified Life Underwriter in 1992, Chartered Financial Consultant in 1994, and Certified Financial Planner® in 1996. These designations ensure diligence in financial planning through extensive education, standardized national examinations, comprehensive continuing education requirements and accountability to Financial Planning Standards Council code of ethics, practice standards and the professional bodies’ rules and regulations. Vince has also written the first three levels of the CFA courses. His experience in the industry with retired clients began in 1987 and continues to develop as he specializes in the retired and wealth preservation areas. Brenda partnered with Vince in 2000. In 2001 she completed her Canadian Investment Funds Course and then obtained her DFA-Tax Services Specialist designation in 2009. Her experience encompasses all areas of business with a focus on tax and estate planning.
Many of our clients come to us on a referral basis and have a variety of backgrounds. We specialize with pre-retirement (five years prior to retirement), retirement and wealth preservation. Our clientele are typically age 60+. They recognize the benefit of professional guidance, are looking for leadership and direction, are committed to making a plan and developing a long-term relationship. We ask that our clients openly communicate with us in order to provide quality service while continuing to evolve with the client, industry and government changes.
Planning looks at all aspects of your financial well-being. Services include personal advice, risk management, tax planning, retirement overviews, and ongoing updates.  We provide insurance analysis, estate planning, estate settlement, beneficiary audits, goal planning, seminars, and investment research. For any services you require that we are not able to provide, we refer to qualified professionals that we have long-standing relationships with.
We operate on a fee-for-service basis. This fee is established based on total assets invested. This system provides full transparency and clarity for the services rendered. These fees may be deductible on non-registered investment assets. We do not receive compensation based on product sales and are not tied to any one supplier as we are an independent company. We operate with the client’s best interests first. Our focus is on the quality of advice and services, which include portfolio management, but are not limited to product only.
Our mission has always been to remove the financial stress from people's lives so they can enjoy what is important to them. We are client-oriented and satisfaction with our services is our top priority. We care about the people that we do business with and we want to develop long-term relationships. By entering into a relationship with us, you will receive planning on a one-on-one basis and be an active contributor to your financial plan.
We have a succession plan aligned with Wieger's Financial to ensure services provided would continue with no interruption.