Why Relationship Based Planning?

"We started dealing with Vince in 1990. What we value most about the services that their team provides is that we know our investments are being looked after. Having our portfolio managed in this way allows us to take holidays that we both look forward to. We choose to work with Vince and Brenda because of the trust we have in them and because of the personal touch that they provide. We always feel confident when talking to them that they will give the very best advice. We are so thankful for their help and the fact that we never have to worry."


Kelly and Marion K. (Client since 1990)


Vince and Brenda have brought us to where we are today. We had a plan…an objective…we reached it.

Now it is time to enjoy life.


Tim and Cathy G. (Client since 1987)


"When we come into your office, you take the time to learn everything you can about our current assets and resources. You are then able to understand our financial objectives and come up with a plan to meet them. You have educated us on many issues, such as asset allocation, insurance, investment strategies, tax strategies, and many more. We know we have benefited from your services.


We have worked hard to acquire the money we have. Now it's time to put it to good use. Making the most of our assets means choosing wisely when it comes to our investments. Your goal is to help us make the best financial investment decisions possible. Whether we are focused on short-term returns, or are thinking more about our financial future, it pays to consult with a dedicated member of your team. Having money to do what we want in our retirement is going to be a great blessing.


You offer excellent customer service. No matter what the value of our net worth is, we have come to expect your full attention to detail when we come to you for help. Every member of your team is dedicated to helping us make the most of our investment opportunities."


Ty and Gill T. (Client since 1987)


“You have removed the financial stress and uncertainty out of our lives; as well as helped us to make informed financial decisions.”


Reynold and Margaret F. (Client since 2014)


“We value both the service that we receive and the staff expertise. With the age I am at, it is satisfying to know that money will be in our account until I ‘Rest In Peace’ without me worrying about doing anything myself. You are there to help and give guidance on what best suits our needs. We know that our pension and income tax needs are in good hands.

We appreciate the personal updates and the friendly, caring, and honest manner we receive. You always give us your undivided attention and make us feel like we matter, which we certainly appreciate. We chose to work with you because you are the best for us and we trust you. You were highly recommended to us by several of your other clients and you have certainly met and exceeded our expectations. Our only regret is that we did not start our retirement portfolio with you sooner than we did.”


Darrell and Jayne S. (Client since 2004)


“We trust and value the advice that is provided to manage our portfolio effectively. We appreciate the fact that there is an understanding as to where we are now and where we need to go in the future. We also value the fact that you are proactive with financial planning and tax savings. The availability to touch base with any of your team is prompt. We value your openness, honesty, integrity and sharing of your knowledge. We feel that you are interested in our personal needs. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere in your firm and it is a pleasure to work with you.”


Del and Dolores H. (Client since 1989)


“We value communication in person and through e-mail about our financial situation. There is a feeling of stability with the updates and our tax situation so that we understand what is going on and we can continue with our lifestyle without worrying. You have connections to our community and we have confidence and trust in your abilities. You conduct yourself professionally but still understand the importance of the “small town” perspective of your clients. Thank you for that!”


Robert and Donna H. (Client since 2010)


“We value the consideration that you show us. The regular visits, phone calls and the knowledge you provide to keep us updated on our portfolio. There is so much to know in this area that we appreciate finding someone who we can trust to work on our behalf so our finances are in safe hands. Having a stable portfolio is very important to us. In this way we will have enough to live on for the rest of our lives and a bit extra if something happens. Your team is interested in your clients as individuals. You are always expanding your knowledge and expertise to keep updated. We are happy we chose your team to deal with.”


Terry and Pat B. (Client since 2001)


“We have confidence and trust in Vince and Brenda’s abilities and we feel that they look out for our best interests. They are professional, thorough, accommodating and more than willing to answer any questions or concerns that we have.”


Shawn and Sandy H. (Client since 2001)